Bradley Walsh Has 'Good Morning Britain' Presenters Laughing As He Climbs Over Sofa

That's not something you see every morning...

Bradley Walsh’s appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’ was a particularly hectic one, after he got clambered over the sofa during his interview so he could get a closer look at the window behind him.

The TV personality swung by the ‘GMB’ studios on Thursday (29 September), to talk about the 1000th episode of ‘The Chase’, which put a twist on the traditional format for one episode only.

However, he wound up making an impression for a very different reason, when he noted: “What a wonderful view of the Thames that is. But if you watch it the same bus, and the same boat will come by four or five times. You know why? Because it’s not even real ladies and gentlemen.”

<strong>Susanna and Ben try and keep in their laughs</strong>
Susanna and Ben try and keep in their laughs

Ben Shephard then protested that it was, at least, “a real shot”, to which Bradley added: “It’s not even a window, folks.”

Climbing over the sofa, he then went over to the window, which he pointed out to viewers was actually fake by knocking on it, much to the amusement of Ben and co-host Susanna Reid.

<strong>Tom Cruise's legacy lives on</strong>
Tom Cruise's legacy lives on

It’s been quite a week for Susanna on ‘GMB’, after she was forced to play referee during a segment earlier this week.

When things got a bit heated between Piers Morgan and John Prescott during an interview about Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election, it was up to Susanna to keep the peace, which she did… to the best of her ability, at least.

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs every weekday on ITV from 6.30am.

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