Breakfast, Exercise And Resolutions...

A piece toast in a bottle cage
A piece toast in a bottle cage

We are only a few days into 2018 but can I ask, have you made any New Year resolutions? Was one of them to get a bit fitter/lose weight? I thought I’d try to give some practical advice regarding breakfast and exercise, not my usual random mueslis. Sorry I’ve still got breakfast on my mind. I mean random musings. So I’ve actually done some research. Honestly, I have, promise.

Here’s some things about breakfast I learnt whilst researching my self-help book Sugar Beat, and they might help your energy levels in that early morning run/trip to the gym/cycle commute, so I thought I would share them with you.

Carbohydrates have had a bad press in the last decade, but we do need them as they convert to fuel.

So here’s some pointers towards your breakfast options.

  • White bread contains carbohydrates but the body converts them to energy quite quickly so whilst good for short term exercise, longer exercise could leave you hungry.
  • Wholemeal bread also contains fibre that slows down the conversion of the carbohydrates to energy so it takes two to three hours to take effect, so whilst not that effective to provide short term energy, it will help you with longer exercise routines i.e long runs or cycle rides.
  • Porridge and muesli, these again have lots of fibre so similar effects to wholemeal bread.
  • Jams and fruit contain energy in the form of sugar so these again can help with short bursts exercise

As I often cycle to work, I usually have toast, a combination of a slice of white and two slices of wholemeal to combine the benefits of short term and long term gain of both types of bread.

You could add fruit to your muesli or jam to wholemeal bread to get a similar effect. I sometimes eat a banana when I arrive at work to give me some energy back, so I don’t get hungry mid morning.

An energy gel or bar isn’t really a good idea as a breakfast substitute as they contain a ‘hit’ of carbohydrates more suited to a short term intense exercise and you may be hungry not long after you’ve done your new exercise regime.

And my breakfast option if I don’t exercise by cycling to work and use the car? Well a ‘Drive Thru’ is often involved but that’s another story.

Disclaimer: I’m not a trained medical professional however I have researched the above and know what works for myself, you may want to do your own research before following the above advice.

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