Brexit is a Busted Flush - What We Need Now is a Government of National Conciliation!

Here’s a radical idea: we could put together a cabinet, equally representative of pro and anti-Europe members, with two co-Prime Ministers
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I am now convinced that Brexit won’t happen, and I think that there will be a second vote that will confirm this. The reason for this is common sense in the face of overwhelming evidence that Brexit has turned out to be a kamikaze mission. What’s also clear is that sadly, for Theresa May, time is up at Number 10.

Last week Philip Lee, a Justice Minister no less, took the remarkable step of publicly questioning the very essence of his Prime Minister’s stance on Brexit, and she is so weak that the sanction for such open dissent was a ‘dressing-down’ from the chief whip.

Is this not the best example yet of why we need to replace our Prime Minister with someone who possesses the strength to govern the country based on common sense and the facts as they exist today, rather than one who appears to be controlled by a time machine stuck at June 24, 2016?

For me if we stay on our current path we will crash and burn as a country, and by that I mean we will end up with a Corbyn administration in Downing Street, and with McDonnell next door we are all screwed, and given the damage they could do, for a very long time.

I don’t so much care who takes over, and in the past few days I have suggested Philip Hammond or Boris Johnson, not on the basis of their respective views on Europe, but on the basis that each has the strength to make the big calls we need right now, and for the right reasons.

Or here’s a radical idea, just like at the end of a civil war, and yes I do think the comparison is reasonable after the last 18 months, why not form a government of national conciliation? We could put together a cabinet, equally representative of pro and anti-Europe members, with two co-Prime Ministers.

Under such an administration I think it would be easier to do the right thing, and would certainly free the UK from being controlled by the invisible strings, which, could they be seen, would lead back to a time machine parked outside Nigel Farage’s gaff. Most likely it’s a Morris Minor, not a DeLorean.


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