Brian Cox Signs Off BBC Newsnight In The Most Logan Roy Way Possible

The Succession star didn't hold back.
The 77-year-old channeled his iconic Succession character.
The 77-year-old channeled his iconic Succession character.

Just in case BBC News anchor Maryam Moshiri flipping the bird during a live broadcast wasn’t quite enough this month, Succession star Brian Cox has joined in on the chaos.

The 77-year-old actor appeared on the late-night BBC TV show for its final episode of 2023.

The Scottish star reflected on his time playing brash billionaire Logan Roy on the hit HBO drama.

After sharing his experiences, the actor was invited to give viewers a seriously iconic sign-off a la Logan Roy himself as the episode drew to an end.

His sign-off started wholesomely before he unleashed a favourite phrase of the media mogul.

“That’s all from tonight from Newsnight, we’ll be back in January. I hope you have an amazing festive season wherever you are, whatever you’re doing,” the actor quipped.


“And now, just fuck off.”


Naturally fans of Succession were delighted with the sweary sign-off, with several dubbing Cox a ‘national treasure’.

You can watch the clip for yourself below.


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