17/11/2017 14:14 GMT | Updated 17/11/2017 14:18 GMT

Bride Pranks Groom By Wearing Cat T-Shirt And Joggers On Wedding Day

Beautiful 😂

A bride pranked her husband-to-be by wearing a cat print t-shirt and joggers on their wedding day.

Erin and Ean Goldberg, from Arizona, had agreed to have ‘first look’ photos taken before their ceremony. This is where couples see one another in their outfits for the first time and a photographer is on hand to capture the look of admiration on their faces.

Erin, however, had other plans. She plotted with her photographer Molly McElenney so her ‘first look’ photos would have an extra special twist...

Molly McElenney Photography
Molly McElenney Photography

Wedding photographer Molly McElenney told HuffPost UK: “We had always planned on doing a first look (in her dress) because their ceremony was at night, so we had to do all of the photos during the day.

“A few weeks before the wedding, Erin reached out to me explaining that she wanted to trick Ean and do a fake first look in this outfit she often wore to bed: a cat shirt and sweatpants she had had since high school.

“As soon as she told me about it, I knew we had to make room for it in the timeline because his reaction alone would be totally worth it.”

Molly McElenney Photography

On the day, Erin dressed up in her finest loungewear - complete with trainers from Walmart - and stood a few feet behind her husband-to-be. When Ean turned around, he was helpless.

“As I watched Ean turn around to see his bride in her cat shirt, I could not help but laugh,” Molly explained. “His reaction was priceless. He was confused for a moment because, of course, he was expecting to see his bride in her gown.

“Then he laughed and kept saying, ‘of course, I should have known, I should have expected this!’.”

After the shoot, the bride changed into her wedding dress so they could have some more serious photos together.  

Molly McElenney Photography
Molly McElenney Photography

Molly added that the incredibly casual photoshoot was a complete first for her.

“I’ve never personally seen a first look like this, though I have seen some similar first looks where the bride is wearing a dinosaur costume,” she said.

“I liked this one though because it was more personal and so hilarious. It helped ease some of the stress of the day and showcased how hysterical these two lovebirds are.

“In the short time I’ve known Erin and Ean, I’ve come to know them as a hilarious, clever, prank-pulling couple and this was just another way they displayed the playfulness of their relationship.”