18/01/2018 17:19 GMT

Brigitte Bardot Faces Backlash Over Criticism Of Actresses In #MeToo Movement

Her dismissal has not gone down well.

Veteran film actress Brigitte Bardot has taken heat for comments about the #MeToo movement, after accusing those who’ve spoken out against harassment in Hollywood “hypocritical”.

In an interview with Paris Match magazine, Brigitte controversially claimed that the “vast majority” of those who have involved themselves in the movement are “hypocritical”, “ridiculous” and “uninteresting”, due to her belief “there are many actresses who flirt with producers in order to get a role”.

She stated: “In order to be talked about, they will say they have been harassed. In reality, rather than benefiting them, it harms them.”

Sipa Press/REX/Shutterstock
Brigitte Bardot in 2006

Describing her own experiences as a long-serving figure in the entertainment industry, Brigitte suggested she “found it charming” when a producer would comment on her appearance or, as she put it, “[tell me] that I was beautiful or I had a nice little backside”.

Unsurprisingly, her comments have been slated online, with many taking to Twitter to explain why they disagree with Brigitte’s strong take:

Others have pointed out that because of Brigitte’s past, including repeated convictions for “inciting racial hatred” and branding the far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen a “modern Joan of Arc”, suggest she’s probably not the best voice in a debate about equality:

Earlier this month, a letter signed by 100 prominent French women, including actress Catherine Deneuve, was widely criticised for its its dismissal of the #MeToo and ‘Time’s Up’ movements as a “witch hunt” and and a hindrance to “sexual freedom”.

Catherine Deneuve later expressed her regret at co-signing the letter, extending an apology to victims of sexual assault.