Brit Awards 2024: The Reason Behind Rob Beckett's Inflatable Giraffe Costume

Well, that's one way to make an entrance.
Dave Benett via Getty Images

When we said we were hoping for some statement looks on the 2024 Brit Awards’ red carpet, we’re not entirely sure that this is what we meant.

Yup, in a move that has everyone going ‘sorry, what?’, comedian Rob Beckett turned up to the awards wearing an inflatable giraffe costume.

The comedian and presenter jokingly posed for photos on the red carpet in the costume, with just his hands, arms and face visible.

Chatting with red carpet hosts, Yinka Bokinni and Jack Saunders, Rob said: “Everyone’s so polite here, they just go, ‘You look amazing’ and I just go, ‘You look amazing’ back.”

So why the giraffe costume? Well, interestingly Rob has an upcoming tour in November 2024 called... Giraffe.

Although Rob hasn’t confirmed that this is the reasoning behind his inflatable costume, it’s safe to say this would be a pretty suspicious coincidence.

As the camera panned to Rob and his wife in the audience during the awards, it could be seen that he’d switched to more casual attire.

You can see all the looks from the 2024 BRIT Awards red carpet here.


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