Britain First Went Camping And People Are Absolutely Ripping Them For It

'Why don't you people get jobs'.

Britain First would like you to know there is much more to the group than just failing abysmally in elections and getting chased out of cities.

They also love a good spot of camping...

The CAPS LOCK BRIGADE appear to have spent part of the weekend on a jolly jaunt learning, amongst other things, a bit of history.

And self defence.

Unfortunately their posts didn't quite get the reaction they were expecting even on their own Facebook page (they later deleted the comments).


Britain First will be spending a lot more time sat around in fields quite soon as the group is holding its very own festival at the end of July.

The blurb for the event reads:

We are very please (sic) to announce the very first “Britannia Fest” which will take place over the weekend of 30-31st of July, 2016.
The event will take place in the countryside of the Midlands, making it easy to get to for everyone.
This will be Britain First’s main event of the year.
There will be speeches, workshops, football, face painting, camping, hog roast, beer tent, children’s activities, regional marquees, evening entertainment, bonfire, cultural displays, veterans march, food stalls and much more!
The event is based around camping so get your tents ready!
The event is FREE entry and FREE camping!
Now is the time to book the 30-31st of July off work.

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