britain first

From empty statements on migrants to calling Black Lives Matter a "moment", many have become disillusioned with Keir Starmer's party, writes Shahed Ezaydi.
Police were called to hotels in London, Bromsgrove and Essex after they were targeted by Britain First protesters.
Leader Paul Golding was found guilty of an offence under the Terrorism Act earlier this year.
The family of the murdered fusilier have previously spoken out to condemn the use of his image by far-right groups such as Britain First.
Golding, who denied the charge, was handed a conditional discharge for nine months and ordered to pay a £21 surcharge and £750 in costs.
As he entered his not guilty plea, Goldin told the court: “I am a politician not a terrorist. I think this is a politically-motivated charge.”
He was arrested last year after a trip to the Russian parliament in Moscow.
The Electoral Commission said the far-right group had shown "disregard for the law".
They were found to have violated the site’s rules around promoting hate and violence.