Jolene Bunting, Councillor Who Helped Promote Britain First Rally, Loses her Seat

She polled just 351 votes.
Jayda Fransen and Jolene Bunting.
Jayda Fransen and Jolene Bunting.

A controversial politician who helped promote the far-right group Britain First, has insisted she will “not be deterred” after losing her seat on Belfast City Council.

Jolene Bunting, an independent unionist, polled just 351 votes in the first stage of the count in the Court DEA on Saturday, and failed to attract enough transfers to be elected, the Press Association reports.

She reacted to her poor showing at the count for Belfast City Council by insisting she will “not be deterred”.

Bunting posted on social media: “While I am obviously disappointed with today’s results, I’m not deterred.

“I will continue to fight for my children’s future. I will never surrender.”

Bunting has had a chequered career having been suspended last year after she facilitated Britain First former deputy leader Jayda Fransen sending a video message from the Lord Mayor’s chair.

It was one of a number of complaints made against independent unionist councillor. These included the City Hall incident where Bunting had shown Fransen around the building.

During the visit Fransen filmed a video for her supporters while sitting in the Lord Mayor’s chair in Belfast City Hall dressed in councillors’ robes.

Another complaint was over a frog cartoon Bunting posted on Twitter that was criticised by other councillors as “racist and offensive”.

One of the other complaints was signed by 79 members of the public, criticising her participation in the Northern Ireland against Terrorism rally on August 6 2017, alongside Britain First leaders, as well as comments she made to the media about the Islamic faith.

The number of complaints was described by deputy commissioner Paul McFadden as “unprecedented”.

Bunting was initially elected as a TUV representative in 2014, before leaving the party in 2017.


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