Britain First's Jayda Fransen Gets Chased Out Of Birmingham

Oh the irony.

Britain First’s Deputy Leader has been filmed losing her cool whilst being chased out of Birmingham after confronting the holders of a Muslim bookstall.

Jayda Fransen spent a number of hours in a heated confrontation near the Bullring on 13 July, which was broadcast as a live video on the far-right group’s Facebook page.

But what it didn’t show were events later on as Fransen and her entourage were chased out of the city.

After being followed by an angry crowd, some of whom shouted obscenities, she turns and says: “What’s with the entourage?” - as she is being escorted by her own security team who just earlier this month atteneded a training day where they were taught to fight with knives.

A policeman intervenes as onlookers shout: “She’s a racist!”

Then, without a hint of irony, the deputy leader of a group which has “invaded” halal slaughterhouses and bookshops and harassed a homeless woman in a tent, says: “Look at you, you’re all bullies.”

She adds: “You want to bully women, look at you. You think you can bully women, that’s your problem.”

Britain First recently made headlines after claiming it had been “ABUSED” outside the East London Mosque for the “heinous crime of standing on a British pavement and filming” - despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Leader, Paul Golding, recorded a five minute diatribe from a car as they left the scene, claiming if they had stayed any longer they would have been “physically attacked”.

But pictures and video posted by the mosque tell a very different story and show the far-right group was being deliberately provocative just before prayers when Muslims in the area were helping those affected by the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower.


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