22/04/2017 21:14 BST

'Britain's Got Talent' 2017: Eight-Year-Old Magician Issy Simpson Casts A Spell Over Judges With Impressive Tricks

'You put a lot of bigger magicians to shame.'

Many magicians have tried their luck on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ before, but there have been none quite like Issy Simpson. 

The eight-year-old put many older tricksters to shame with a spellbinding audition on ITV talent show on Saturday (22 April) night. 

Issy, who was taught magic by her grandfather, began her trick by handing out three of her favourite books to the judges from a cardboard box.

Asking Simon Cowell to move the box, he soon discovered it had become completely immovable, wondering why he was unable to pick it up. 

Issy Simpson and her box of tricks on 'Britains Got Talent'

Issy then returned to the box, which she took a pack of cards out of, and was then able to place it on the floor without a problem, leaving Simon speechless. 

But her trick did not end there. 

She then asked Simon to pick a card from the pack, before then asking him to pick one of the three books and a random page number. 

After he chose Alesha Dixon’s book, she was asked to pick a random word from the page number Simon had identified, which was ‘kettle’. 

Issy then announced that before she’d begun her audition, she’d written a word on a blackboard, which was at the back of the stage.

Pulling a cloth from over it, she revealed the word written on it was indeed ‘kettle’, bringing the judges to their feet in amazement. 

But the miniature magician then unzipped her coat to reveal a T-shirt with Simon on it, which correctly predicted he would pick the four of diamonds as his card. 

Issy's T-shirt proved to be an important part of her trick

“This is like real life Harry Potter,” Simon remarked. “You are amazing, you really are.”

“You put a lot of bigger magicians to shame,” Amanda Holden added. 

Issy is not the only act to leave the judges baffled so far this series, as last week saw mind readers DNA carry out a completely unexplainable trick

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ continues next Saturday at 8pm on ITV. 

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