22/04/2017 21:09 BST

'Britain's Got Talent' Viewers Left In Tears At Surprise Family Reunion During Reuben Gray's Audition

Everyone was emotional before he'd even sang a note.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ viewers were moved to tears, after there was a surprise family reunion during one audition on Saturday (22 April) night. 

Singer Reuben Gray was seen trying out for the judges on the latest episode of the ITV talent show, explaining how his dad was unable to be there as he works away for nine months of the year. 

Reuben Gray was left speechless during his 'Britain's Got Talent' audition

Calling his dad his “biggest fan”, it was clear to see the 16-year-old school boy was upset at not having his dad to cheer him on at his big day. 

As Simon Cowell questioned whether he was a bigger fan than his mother, Reuben was left speechless when his dad suddenly stood up and shouted from the audience. 

Reuben's dad made a surprise appearance in the audience

The emotional moment moved fans watching at home, and that was before Reuben had even begun singing:

Sitting down at the piano, Reuben performed an original song called ‘Lifeline’, which he said was written as an apology to his girlfriend when he didn’t treat her well.  

“What a talented young man you are. Incredible to write such an beautiful song at your tender age,” David Walliams remarked. 

Simon added: “That was a great audition, Reuben. You could come on, be authentic, be original and take risks. I really like the song. You’ve got talent, you really have.”

It’s fair to say we think his dad may be a little bit proud of him. 


‘Britain’s Got Talent’ continues next Saturday at 8pm on ITV. 

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