'Britain's Got Talent' 2017: Simon Cowell Tips Missing People Choir As Ones To Watch After Emotional Audition

'I remember on the day thinking that it was special.'

Simon Cowell has tipped the Missing People Choir as ones to watch on this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

The choir - made up of people whose family members have been reported as missing - drew an emotional response from the judges during their audition for the new series.

Simon Cowell is returning to 'Britain's Got Talent'
Simon Cowell is returning to 'Britain's Got Talent'

Speaking ahead of the first episode, which airs on Saturday (15 April), Simon admitted their performance will be a “hard watch”, but it could earn them a place in the live finals.

“We had something this year called the Missing People Choir, which was very emotional,” he said. “They’ve got a shot at winning, I think. I remember on the day thinking that it was special.”

He continued: “It was a choir made up of people affected by someone who is missing. It was a hard watch and they played images of the missing people behind them on stage.”

Members of the choir include include Peter Boxell, father of Lee Boxell; Denise Allan, mother of Charles Horvath Allan’ Sarah Godwin, mother of Quentin Godwin; Peter Lawrence, father of Claudia Lawrence, and Emma Cullingford, daughter of Sandra Hall, who was missing for a month before being found dead.

Kate McCann, mother of missing Madeleine McCann, acts as an ambassador for the charity the choir raise funds for.

Simon’s fellow judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon have also admitted the choir’s appearance it’s the only emotional moment during the auditions.

Amanda told of how the amount they cried became a source of amusement for Simon, saying: “I’ve cried a lot, as has Alesha.

“Simon takes the mickey out of us now because he calls it the double teardrop. He makes it a competition between us, whoever does a double teardrop is the winner. It really kills the moment.

“You’re there thinking, ‘This is amazing! What a fabulous, emotional experience’ and you turn to him and he goes, ‘OK, Alesha won, it’s a double teardrop’.”

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ launches on Saturday (15 April) at 8pm on ITV.

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