03/06/2017 21:40 BST

'Britain's Got Talent' Final: DNA Recover After Brief 'Stumble' During Live Routine

Their finale seemed to go over Simon Cowell's head, though.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ finalists DNA managed to get things back on track, after a slip-up during their performance in Saturday’s (3 June) live final.

The mind-reading double act’s last routine in the competition was a rather complicated affair, with a variety of different layers involving each of the judges.

After doing a spot of mathematics with Amanda Holden, they called on David Walliams to choose a page at random from one of his children’s books, eventually selecting one word and attempting to guess which one it was through the power of mind-reading.


And while they were able to correctly guess that the word itself was “lady”, they did “stumble” somewhat when trying to guess the page of the book, accidentally writing down the number 81, rather than 31.

The pair quickly moved on from the brief hiccup

The duo later revealed that a number, seemingly selected at random at the beginning of their performance, actually spelled out the letters ‘BGT’ and ‘DNA’, though this appeared to go over Simon Cowell’s head.

While offering his critique, he commented: “What you do is incredible… I’m going to be honest with you, what you were doing at the end, I found it very complicated.

“That big reveal at the end, the way it was explained... I don’t think it came over properly. But that’s just me, not everybody else is thick.”

Simon also noted this had been “one of the first times [he’d] seen something go wrong”, commenting that this made them more “human”.

David Walliams agreed, telling the duo: “It felt like there was a little stumble in there somewhere, but that just shows how hard what you do is.”

Watch their full routine in the video above.

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