07/04/2020 11:05 BST

Britain’s Got Talent's Most Memorable Moments Ever

From Susan Boyle's first audition to the judges getting egged.

If there’s one thing you can always rely on Britain’s Got Talent for, it’s supplying us with plenty of memorable moments.

Ever since it began back in 2007, we’ve laughed, cried and often been left speechless by what we’ve witnessed on the ITV talent show.

Who could forget the moment we were introduced to a very ordinary looking lady called Susan Boyle, who had an extraordinary voice?

And there has been plenty of action off stage too, what with Amanda Holden’s rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during 2013’s live final, which still managed to get overshadowed by all four judges getting egged by a member of the orchestra on the very same night.

With the new series set to thrill viewers once again, let’s remind ourselves of the show’s most memorable moments from series past below...

  • Britain's Got Talent - Most Memorable Moments
    Britain's Got Talent - Most Memorable Moments
    There's never a dull moment on the ITV talent show...
  • A really egg-citing final
    Everyone remembers where they were when a member of the orchestra took it upon herself to start lobbing eggs at the judges during the 2013 final. We're just still trying to work out what her beef was.
  • Susan Boyle's first audition
    Talk about not judging a book by its cover. SuBo might not have looked the part but as soon as she opened her mouth to sing, she managed to silence the entire judging panel - and the nation watching at home. The video of her first audition subsequently went on to become a huge viral hit on YouTube, making her an instant star around the world.
  • Stunt dog controversy
    A scandal erupted after the 2015 final, when it emerged that winners Jules and Matisse had used a stunt dog to perform a tightrope trick during their winning routine. Viewers were not happy they'd been led to believe Matisse had done the trick and called for the pair to be stripped of their title. Ofcom later threw out viewers complaints, after bosses offered voters a refund.  
  • Amanda Holden left red faced
    Amanda Holden suffered the ultimate wardrobe malfunction during the 2013 final, not that she noticed.
  • David gets a soaking from Alesha
    OK, so this was on spin-off show 'Britain's Got More Talent', but when Alesha Dixon went all Sharon Osbourne on David Walliams is too good not to include.
  • Viewers see through Jamie Raven
    Jamie Raven was one of the most impressive magicians the show had ever seen - that was until eagle-eyed viewers spotted how he'd done his tricks, thanks to some ill-placed cameras. See if you can spot how he got the note in the lemon in this clip. 
  • J-Lo causes a stir
    Jennifer Lopez's choice of outfit when she performed during 2013's semi-final had many viewers getting all hot and bothered, with some even complaining to Ofcom that her costume wasn't suitable for a family show. J-Lo later went on to defend it as 'tame'.
  • Paddy's audition
    Surely BGT's ultimate wait-for-it moment was when salsa-dancing granny Paddy Jones took to the stage during 2014's series.
  • David Walliams gets his moment on stage
    The moment David Walliams joined The Showbears on stage at their audition was camper than a pink row of tents at a Christmas Kylie concert.
  • The return of some familiar faces
    To mark the show's landmark 10th series, a host of the most memorable contestants from previous series returned for a very special performance that still has us stunned all this time on. 
  • Ashleigh and Pudsey
    The first non-human winner of Britain's Got Talent came in the form of canine wonder Pudsey, the performing dog, who even managed to melt Simon Cowell's heart (yes, he really does have one).
  • Lorraine Bowen causes a stir
    Who could forget Simon Cowell's look of pure despair when David Walliams used his Golden Buzzer on, ummm, eccentric act Lorraine Bowen. He later got his revenge when he buzzed her off during her semi-final performance. 
  • Stavros Flatley
    On paper, a topless, Greek father and son, 'performing' their own interpretation of Riverdance was never going to cut it, but then the nation was introduced to Stavros Flatley. They even made it through to the 2009 final.
  • Hollie Steel forgets her words
    OK, seeing a young girl crying on stage made for pretty uncomfortable viewing, but the nation was rooting for little Hollie when she was given a second stab at her performance and nailed it. What a trooper.