Britain’s Got Talent's Most Memorable Moments Ever

From Susan Boyle's first audition to the judges getting egged.

If there’s one thing you can always rely on Britain’s Got Talent for, it’s supplying us with plenty of memorable moments.

Ever since it began back in 2007, we’ve laughed, cried and often been left speechless by what we’ve witnessed on the ITV talent show.

Who could forget the moment we were introduced to a very ordinary looking lady called Susan Boyle, who had an extraordinary voice?

And there has been plenty of action off stage too, what with Amanda Holden’s rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during 2013’s live final, which still managed to get overshadowed by all four judges getting egged by a member of the orchestra on the very same night.

With the new series set to thrill viewers once again, let’s remind ourselves of the show’s most memorable moments from series past below...

Britain's Got Talent - Most Memorable Moments

'Britain's Got Talent' Most Memorable Moments


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