Britain’s Got Talent Contestant Nick Edwards Clears Up Major Question About Surprise Audition

Some viewers noticed Nick was already wearing a microphone when his family surprised him on stage.

Britain’s Got Talent contestant Nick Edwards has cleared up questions surrounding his surprise audition on the show.

Saturday’s episode saw the singer sitting in the audience watching the auditions, before his mum and children appeared on stage revealing they had applied on his behalf for him to try out for the judges.

Nick was in complete shock at seeing his family, having no idea he was going to be asked to audition, but many viewers questioned how he’d come to have a microphone on while in the audience, with some questioning the authenticity of the events.

However, appearing on This Morning on Monday, Nick explained there was a simple reason behind it.

Nick Edwards during his surprise BGT audition
Nick Edwards during his surprise BGT audition
Matt Frost/ITV

He told hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary: “When we went out for breakfast, my sister-in-law, who works in marketing, she said: ’Oh I’ve got these free tickets do you want to come and see it?. We will kill some time, big things happening tonight, you’re going to love the day. It’s brilliant’.

“We sat in the audience, arrived and sat down, a lady came up to us and said: ‘You’re sitting in the Gogglebox chairs. In-between acts, we scan to the audience, get their reactions and stuff’.

“I didn’t think much of it, I thought it would be a bit of fun. Then my mum [who is a dance teacher] came on stage and my initial reaction was she’s going to get the girls to dance.”

Nick was sat in the BGT audience when his family appeared on the stage
Nick was sat in the BGT audience when his family appeared on the stage

Nick’s guitar was brought to the audition by his family so he could use it for his performance, where he then impressed the judges with a cover of Ernie Hatler’s Daddy’s Little Girl.

A Britain’s Got Talent spokesperson previously told the Daily Mail: “To report or allude to anything being staged or contrived regarding Nick’s audition would be false and incorrect.

“Quite simply, when Nick entered the Palladium auditorium during BGT auditions, he was approached to be part of our ‘Gogglebox’ audience and told he would be mic’d up so we could capture his reactions throughout the day as he sat in the audience.

“He was totally unsuspecting. We did this so we could mic him up without him suspecting a thing.”

The show, which returned for its 15th series on Saturday night, has already been forced to respond to questions around another particular audition.

BGT also made headlines with Sunday’s episode after viewers spotted an editing error that showed judge David Walliams appearing in two places at once during an audition.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.


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