British Gas David Bowie RIP Tribute Is Contender For Worst Tweet Of 2017

'You know this is visible to the public?'

Tuesday marks one year to the day since the death of the legendary David Bowie.

Suitable tributes flooded the internet like this example from BBC Newsnight.

And this lovely animation from NME.

Then British Gas inexplicably got involved.


Let’s count the wrongs.

1/2) It’s ‘flies’ not ‘flys’ and ‘doesn’t’ not ‘don’t’.

3) The hashtag is wrong.

Most people are using #DavidBowie, #Bowieforever or something similar but #RipDB appears to be mainly associated with a “Darius” last year.


4) It’s hardly appropriate.

5) It’s not your typical use of corporate Twitter.

Whilst ‘Paul’ sent the original tweet, other people manning the account appear to be confused by the furore.

Eventually poor Paul chipped in again to explain the tweet.

British Gas has been contacted for comment.


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