16/07/2018 15:37 BST

British Man Breaks Leg After Jumping Off 100ft Australian Cliff

Josh Jones reportedly 'downed about 10 beers' beforehand.

A British man was left with multiple injuries after leaping off a 100ft cliff at a remote Australian beauty spot.

Josh Jones said he was “gutted” by the incident at the Kakadu National Park in Northern Territory, which resulted in him breaking his left leg in two places, dislocating his knee and suffering facial injuries. 

Luckily for the 25-year-old, a doctor visiting Jim Jim Falls on Saturday with three medical students came to his rescue, constructing a stretcher from wood and denim shorts to carry him to safety.

Jones, from Yorkshire, told ABC: “I saw the ledge and thought, ‘Hey, that’s possible to jump off.’

“It was just pure impact [when I hit the water]. It took the wind out of me, I came up and the left leg didn’t feel too good.”

Josh Jones can be seen leaping of the Jim Jim falls (centre) in Australia's Northern Territory on Saturday

Jones told the broadcaster how his left foot was “out far to the left”.

“I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s got to be broken.’”

Jones was taken to the nearby Jabiru Clinic before being airlifted to the Royal Darwin Hospital, a further 160 miles away.

The Briton, who ABC reported had downed “about 10 beers”, added: “[I want to thank] all the guys who came to help me, four doctors and everything — strapped me up, pulled my leg straight and we all got back to the camp.

“They made up a homemade sling, a stretcher, and dragged me all the way back for hours.”

Onlooker Daniel Fitzgerald told the broadcaster that Jones was “lucky to survive”.

 “I thought he would hit the bottom of the cliff and not the water,” he added.

The falls descend from an elevation of 259m (850 ft) above sea level, via one drop that ranges in height between 140m and 200m (460 and 660 ft), into a plunge pool within the creek. 

Watch Jones’ cliff jump here