06/03/2017 22:04 GMT | Updated 07/03/2017 12:41 GMT

'Broadchurch' Series 3 Episode 2 Review: 10 Burning Questions We Now Have

It's getting murkier already.

Wow! Only two episodes in, and already ‘Broadchurch’ Series 3 has exercised its grip on us, similar to the first series, courtesy of the great performances all round, haunting music and, above all, the mystery. 

Have you guessed who assaulted Trish yet? Or any of the other secrets clearly preoccupying the residents of this picturesque coastal town, as Detectives Hardy and Miller continue their investigation... 

The questions we’re pondering after episode 2... 

1. Why was rope factory manager Leo so resistant to helping the police with their enquiries? A reticence the detectives dealt with, with admirable aplomb, it has to be said.

2. Why did Miller have to read out the contents of the police submission form to Leo? Can’t he read? Is that significant?

3. What was the fight at the party REALLY about between Jim Atwood and his wife’s boss, Ed Burnett? Apart from the fact that “he’s a knob”, obviously…

Maybe not a sexual predator, but definitely a man with secrets... Jim Atwood

4. Should we read anything into Trish’s ex-husband’s refusal to give a DNA sample? Or was it entirely reasonable, as he said, that he wasn’t a fan of police hoarding data without exchanging information in return? “An interesting decision,” as Hardy put it. And by the way, nobody says ‘Voluntary’ quite like Hardy, making it seem quite the opposite. 

5. Talking of which, why did taxi driver Lucas dodge giving the DNA sample? Should we read anything into Trish’s previous “drink with him by accident”?

6. The Reverend Coates showed a rare burst of bitterness about the lack of support for his church. How will this unexpected display of fury further manifest itself?

Leo was busy 'romancing' his girlfriend with a pint and a kebab on the night in question, so why was he so unhelpful with the police?

7. Why doesn’t anyone realise police officer Katie Harford’s father is Ed Burnett? The town can’t be that big. Something tells me this relationship is going to hamper the investigation further down the track. 

8. But not as much as… Who did Trish sleep with, only hours before she was attacked? Her reticence has thrown a big spanner into the investigation.

9. Presumably a lover she wants to keep hidden - perhaps someone we’ve already met? My money’s on Jim Atwood, the non-fisherman with all that fishing equipment in his garage.

10. Finally, too obvious, but… why was Ed suddenly doing his laundry? Cheap electricity?

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