20/03/2017 15:29 GMT | Updated 20/03/2017 16:04 GMT

‘Broadchurch’ Series 3 Review: 8 Burning Questions We Have Ahead Of Episode 4

There must be a good reason we’re still hearing about the Latimers, surely?

Every episode of this third and final series of ‘Broadchurch’ tangles us up a little more, as detectives Hardy and Miller attempt to get to the truth of Trish’s attack, while even their victim confounds their expectations at every turn. 

Have you worked it out yet? We’re still puzzling, and in the meantime, here are some of our thoughts on the ever widening puzzle, particularly, as Ellie points out, the field of suspects doesn’t show any sign of narrowing...

Trish finally confides in her friend Cath, which doesn't ease Cath's concerns about the men at her party

1. Trish’s text telling her to ‘Shut up or Else’… who is that actually from? It’s a strange threat, considering she hasn’t actually said anything apart from the stark details of her assault, and it’s clear she hasn’t identified anyone, hence no arrest. It would also seem too obvious for it to be from her unknown assailant. Nor has she named her Saturday morning secret lover, so it probably isn’t him. What could the hostile texter be referring to? 

2. Does David Tennant go without days of sleep to look that tired, or is he just an even better actor than we realised?

3. With Trish’s ex Ian revealing everything he told the police is a lie, can we believe his new story of a blackout? Sounds weak enough to be true. If we go by ‘Broadchurch’ form of old, the liars are usually the goodies, eventually. 

4. His phone message to Trish sounded mournful and full of regret. Does he still love her in a ‘reunited, and it feels so good’ kind of way, or is he just a good man upset by his ex-wife’s trauma? Or covering his tracks? 

5. How could Mark Latimer think launching a surprise plan of a civil lawsuit in the death of his son Danny was possibly going to land well with his estranged wife and daughter? His very obsession was the reason they all split up, previously. And, I hate to say it, but... the Latimers’ story is becoming a bit old-fry compared with the rest of Series 3 narrative - unless it’s all connected, of course...?

It's interesting, but we'll have to wait and see how Mark Latimer's quest for justice plays into the main narrative of series three

6. Should we be keeping an eye on young Tom Miller’s porn habits? There seems to be a disproportionate amount of time given to this, unless it’s in some way linked to the central case, via his pal, taxi driver Lucas’s sullen step-son.

7. Talking of Lucas… obsessed with Trish, but how did he get the picture of her into the heart key-ring? A lover or a stalker? Either way, clearly a nasty piece of work, but for the central crime - too obvious, this soon in, surely? I’m keeping an eye on the wife, though. No one’s that tolerant. 

8. Meanwhile, Ed Burnett’s policewoman daughter didn’t prevent him giving a DNA sample, but a row at the party about the rota pattern at the grocer’s? I’m not buying it. It’s Sir Lenny Henry, people. His agent wouldn’t have agreed to the role if that was the extent of it. Best keep an eye… 

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