Luke Goss Insists He’s ‘Over The Moon’ With The Reaction To The Bros Documentary

Trust us when we say this: You need to watch it now. Right now.

Luke Goss has clarified comments he made about the public’s reaction to the recently-released Bros documentary, claiming he’s “over the moon” with the response.

‘After The Screaming Stops’ aired on BBC Four over Christmas, before moving to iPlayer, and became something of an instant classic – though probably not for the reasons the band would have wanted.

Matt and Luke Goss
Matt and Luke Goss
Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

The film saw a camera crew follow brothers Luke and Matt as they reunited for a series of shows at the O2 Arena last year and their incredible one-liners, anecdotes and David Brent-like antics left many viewers howling with laughter.

On Saturday, the Times Weekend magazine published an interview, which quoted Luke responding to the unexpected reaction by saying some people “will always take the piss”.

“But if that’s their contribution to the universe then I pity them,” he added. “I’m kinda sick of being ridiculed. I focus on the good people out there.”

However, he’s now taken to Twitter to claim that’s not entirely what he meant.

“I’m over the moon with the reaction of the Documentary,” he wrote on Saturday night. “Those guys [the paper] love an angle lol.

“Anyway...thank you all for being so vocal and supportive about our #film sending #love as always.”

His brother Matt then quote-tweeted him, claiming he is also really pleased with the response to the film.

“We are absolutely grateful and ecstatic about the response to our movie,” he wrote. “Thanks everyone.”

One scene in the documentary sees Luke discussing how preparations for the Bros reunion are going.

Speaking to the camera, he says: “Rome wasn’t built in a day and fuck me that’s true... but we don’t have the time Rome had.”

Addressing this moment in particular, he added to Times Weekend: “We spoke passionately and spontaneously. We are working-class London boys.

“Our books weren’t books, they were record sleeves. I know what I said about Rome was funny. I’m not stupid.”

Another iconic moment comes when Matt says he likes the word “home” because it personifies home for him.

You really do need to watch the documentary if you haven’t already. It’s available on iPlayer here.


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