31/10/2016 12:49 GMT

Bruce Springsteen Calls Donald Trump 'An Embarrassment To USA'

The Boss is the latest celebrity to speak out.

Bruce Springsteen has been relatively discreet during this year’s US presidential election, but he’s delivered a belated but damning verdict on the Republican candidate.

Asked what he thought of Donald Trump as a representation of American masculinity, Bruce told the Observer magazine it was “a facade… a thin veil over a mess”.

He explained: “What you see is a bundle of anxiety, fragility and insecurity.

Gilbert Carrasquillo via Getty Images
Bruce Springsteen claims Trump wouldn't fool people from a previous generation

“It’s the thinnest possible mask of masculinity. And it wouldn’t fool anybody from the Greatest Generation.

“It’s such a thin costume that for me it doesn’t hold for a moment. But there have been quite a few people he has attracted along the way, so I suppose the bluster works to a certain degree.

“He’s really quite an embarrassment if you’re from the USA. It’s simply the most rigid and thinnest veil of masculinity over a mess.”

Springsteen is by no means the first entertainer to speak out against Trump in recent weeks. Most recently, Cyndi Lauper kept it simple at the weekend, telling San Diego Morning News’ radio show that “a reality show is not credential to be president”.

Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images
Cyndi Lauper hasn't held back either

She added: “That guy is selling inflammatory things that I have never in my whole entire life heard … except, you know, Hitler.”

And Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick both made their feelings clear during a recent stint on Graham Norton’s sofa. When fellow guest Daniel Radcliffe told a funny story about meeting Donald Trump back when he was a child, they both simply shook their heads. Justin Timberlake said, “You’re looking at two Americans and we’re both just… “ Daniel Radcliffe finished for him. “Sad.”