5 Brunch Recipes From TikTok You'll Want To Try This Weekend

And they're all Insta-worthy.

Who doesn’t love brunch? Sundays were basically created for it. But after the Christmas and New Year run, many of us have severe holes in our pocket at the moment.

So if you love the idea of mimosas and French toast for breakfast but don’t want to fork out the cash for brunch out, we’ve got you.

TikTok is a goldmine of food recipes, and brunch is one thing they’ve got down.

Not everyone is on the platform but hankfully, Michele Cuccovillo, co-founder of bottomlessbrunch.com has compiled some of the most popular TikTok brunch hacks and recipes to attempt at home:

The 4-way breakfast wrap


The famous four-filling TikTok breakfast wrap was made popular by the ultimate foodie channel Fit Waffle (watch her video here). Split a large tortilla into four sections with each section dedicated to a separate filling. Popular additions seen across the thousands of videos dedicated to the trend range from avocado, tomato, mozzarella and spinach to sausage, bacon, cheese and egg.

Cloud eggs


If you’re a lover of all kinds of eggs, this recipe is a must. Simply whip up your egg whites into stiff peaks to create that fluffy meringue-like texture, and then crack your yolk in the middle ready to bake – it’s really that easy. If you want to watch a video tutorial, this channel has got you covered.

The breakfast sandwich


One of the more popular recipes on TikTok in 2021 was the breakfast sandwich. This tasty one-pan sandwich places your slices of bread straight into the egg mixture, so you can make a sandwich with maximum flavour and minimal fuss. You can add any extras lying around your fridge – like ham, cheese or tomato – to make your lunch even more delicious and filling. Let Misha’s Kitchen show you how.

Pancake cereal


Pancake and cereal are two of the ultimate breakfast staples, so it’s no surprise that TikTokkers found a way to combine the two. The mini-Dutch style pancakes not only make for a great Instagram photo, but they can be enjoyed with a range of different sweet and savoury toppings depending on your taste preferences. Here’s foodie account Caught Snackin’s video tutorial.

Baked oats


The baked oats brunch trend is the ultimate way to satisfy your sweet tooth and stay full for longer. You can blend your oats into a smoother consistency for a more cake-like texture or keep them chunky for more of a crunch. The best part about this recipe is you can incorporate pretty much any ingredients, from fruit to your favourite chocolate bars. Make your own tasty baked oats with gimme.delicious’s video.