Burberry Is Selling Half Blazer, Half Puffer Coats – For Nearly £3,000

Because fashion, that's why.

Coat season is here, so you may be on the lookout for your next investment piece – perhaps a warm wool style or puffer coat takes your fancy.

Or, for the indecisive shopper, why not combine the two? Now you can, thanks to Burberry. Straight off the autumn/winter 2019 runway, the British heritage label unveiled its new coat collection, which can only be described as a unique hybrid.

The classic camel-coloured tailored coat has been reinvented with a puffer body warmer attached to the hem. It’s no bargain either – buying one of these will set you back £2,690.


The puffer body warmer can be unzipped and worn over the jacket (for those below zero mornings), or on its own.

Versatile, to say the least.


Harrods says the coat is “presenting a youthful approach to fine Italian tailoring” – though we’re not entirely sure a youthful approach is required. But whatever floats your boat.

It’s not the only quirky design introduced by the fashion brand. Other additions to its new collection include the double-breasted wool coat with a silk cape and the iconic trench coat with a cashmere blanket cape – because, why not? Winning combinations, obviously.

If you’d prefer to save your pennies for something a tad more wearable, shop our winter coat round up, which we promise involves only one style at a time.

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