Asos Is Selling A Fake Headphone Ear Piece And We Have Questions

We can't get our head around this one.

Shopping on Asos can be very hit and miss.

On the one hand, you’re blessed with a fashion edit of pieces by Love Island’s very own Ovie Soko, allowing you to emulate the most stylish (and funniest) contestant seen on our screens.

But on the other, you have those bizarre, nonsensical one-off products that almost seem like Asos is laughing at us.

Take this faux headphone ear piece for £6, for example. Yes, you read that right.


For less than a tenner, this fake ear piece can be all yours. It comes in a silver-tone colour – and Asos says of it, “We’re all about those finishing touches.”

We’re not convinced. Why would you want to wear a fake headphone? Surely it’s massively inconvenient if you want to put your actual headphones in and listen to music? And more importantly, who is buying this?

Might we add, you only get one ear piece. It’s not even a matching set.

Jenn Tretheway tweeted the justified hashtag, #lovemusicbuthatehowitsounds in response to the ear piece, which just about sums up the ridiculousness of it. Another user asked, “Can someone explain this to me please?”

To be honest, same.

And if you’re looking for more laughs at Asos’ expense, it wasn’t long ago they launched a chainmail muzzle and a dress that was compared to a bag of onions.

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