People Are Comparing This Red ASOS Dress To A Sack Of Onions

It's making our eyes water.

A bag of onions probably isn’t your desired look for your next night out, but just if it is ASOS is where you should head.

A see-through red slip dress is doing the rounds on Twitter, in another WTF moment from the retailer, with users comparing it to a huge bag of onions.

The dress doesn’t come cheap. It’s currently in the sale for £210, but at full price it was £350, so a hefty investment for not much material that’s available in three sizes, S (6-8), M (10-12) and L (14-16).

Designed by Elissa Poppy, the brand is described by ASOS as a ‘couture-inspired lingerie’, and the latex piece is recommended to be worn after applying talcum powder for ‘ease of dressing’. Sounds like a lot of work to us.

That said, it’s not the first of its kind, similar designs have been seen on this year’s Love Island contestants. Arabella wore a high-neck, trouser jumpsuit in a transparent lace, while Maura sported a fishnet all-in-one for the lap-dancing task.

Jay Sherif on Twitter was the first to point on its resemblance to onions, while a satirical account called it ‘The most beautiful dress ever created.’

If you’re not brave enough to wear it with just a really big pair of knickers underneath, ASOS has also styled it worn over a white t-shirt dress, which when teamed with a pair of white trainers, is a tad more wearable.

But £210 for a transparent dress is a bit steep for us, we’ll stick to the supermarket.

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