Businessman Aims To Help People Settle Their Debts

Quinton van der Burgh Pays It Forward.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Quinton van der Burgh's latest project aims to ease the financial burdens of South Africans.

The recent social media launch of the #ActOfGenerosity campaign resulted in an overwhelming response in a short space of time. The project is focused on bridging the need for financial aid and education.

The initiative is aimed at assisting the large portion of the South African population thast is in debt to pay back what they owe.

Financial experts are expected to share tips on how to clear debt and other financial need-to-knows.

People who benefit will only be required to give sufficient proof that they need the money.

The campaign was launched last month with a star-studded affair with MiCasa's J-Something present, along with Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and model Maps Maponyane.

The three beneficiaries of this project were also present.


"It was both inspiring and overwhelming to see how positive these individuals are in the face of such adversity. It's an inspiration to see how they approach everyday life and [do] not let these hurdles burden their outlook on the world. I cannot begin to describe how enthralled I am to begin changing my fellow South Africans' lives for the better," Van der Burgh said.


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