17/03/2016 19:35 GMT | Updated 17/03/2016 20:45 GMT

Cadbury Chocolate Lovers Vent Anger Ahead Of Dispatches Documentary

'Eating a Cadbury bar to me is like tasting austerity.'

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Cadbury's workers protested the takeover of the firm in 2010

Fans of Cadbury's chocolate have expressed their frustration at the effects of its takeover by a huge American firm.

Inspired by an upcoming exposé on the six years since US-based Kraft's takeover of Cadbury's, people on Reddit have vented their anger at supposed "tampering" with its iconic products.

And many aired their perception that the brand's chocolate treats now taste differently than they did before the takeover.

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An employee monitors foil-wrapped Cadbury Creme Eggs as they move along the production line at the Bournville Cadbury factory in Birmingham (File photo)

Redditors were particularly irked by changes to Cadbury Creme Eggs.

In 2015, it was revealed that Kraft had quietly changed the chocolate coated shell from Dairy Milk to a “standard cocoa mix chocolate," a change the firm says simply returned Creme Eggs to their original formula.

And a series of high-profile changes to Cadbury products appear to have damaged trust in the brand.

Redditors cite several high-profilechanges as evidence of "tampering" with popular treats.

Timeline of changes

And some recalled the controversy caused by the takeover of a historic, benevolent British brand by a multinational, American based firm.

Though many people have failed to notice any change to Cadbury's products.

Cadbury's owners Kraft changed its name to Mondelez in 2012.

Mondelez says that it has not changed the forumla of its iconic Dairy Milk product, and that it reverted to the Creme Egg's 1971 chocolate recipe after six years of using Dairy Milk.

Defending its investment in the UK, the firm said in a statement: "Since 2010, Mondelez has invested over £200 million in manufacturing and R&D in the UK and we are working hard to ensure the future of British manufacturing is inspiring and competitive for generations to come. 

"We have also located, in the UK, the global headquarters for chocolate invention."

But a new documentary set to air on Monday will expose the changes to Cadbury's in the six years since its takeover.

'Dispatches: Secrets of Cadbury' will "lift the lid on what’s been happening to one of our favourite brands."

It airs on Channel 4 at 9pm on Monday 21 March.