Woman's Open Letter Proves There's No Such Thing As 'Just A Nurse'

'I have helped babies into the world...and yet I am just a nurse.'

A nurse has written a powerful open letter in response to people who underestimate the essential work of those in her profession.

Caitlin Brassington wrote the letter after bumping into an old acquaintance, who said she didn’t know Brassington was “just a nurse”.

In her letter, which she posted on Facebook and Instagram, the 38-year-old says it’s a phrase she’s heard all too often throughout her 18-year career.

“I have helped babies into the world, many of whom needed assistance to take their first breath, and yet I am ‘just a nurse’,” she says.

“I have held patients hands and ensured their dignity while they take their last breath, and yet I am just a nurse.

“I have counselled grieving parents after the loss of a child, and yet I am just a nurse.”

Brassington goes on to explain that she’s even performed CPR and brought patients “back to life”.

“I am the medical officer’s eyes, ears and hands with the ability to assess, treat and manage your illness, and yet I am ‘just a nurse’,” she says.

“I can auscultate every lung field on a newborn and assess which field may have a decreased air entry, and yet I am ‘just a nurse’.

“I can educate patients, carers, and junior nurses, and yet I am ‘just a nurse’.”

She says she has missed Christmas day and even her children’s birthdays and school musicals in order to give people the help that they need.

“I can take blood, cannulate and suture a wound, and yet I am ‘just a nurse’.

“I can manage a cardiac arrest in a newborn, a child or an adult, and yet I am ‘just a nurse’.

“I can tell you the dosage of adrenaline or amiodarone based on weight that your child may need to bring them back to life, and yet I am ‘just a nurse’.”

She ends the letter by pointing out she has the knowledge to save people’s lives, adding: “So, if I am ‘just a nurse’, then I am ridiculously proud to be one.”

More than 5,600 people have reacted to Brassington’s letter, with hundreds commenting to show their appreciation to nurses around the world.

“Thank you for all that you do every day. It takes a very special person to work in your profession,” one said.

Another added: “Without our wonderful nurses the world would be a very sad place.”

We couldn’t agree more.