10 Totally Relaxing Nature Live Feeds To Take Your Mind Off Things

When we're frazzled and stressed, there's nothing like watching nature to ground you.
Nuno Valadas via Getty Images

If you’re struggling for relax-spiration, you’ve come to the right place.

The past year has been stressful to say the least – and all that cortisol floating around our systems isn’t doing us any good.

Self-care has never been more important, doctors tell us, and we 100% consider watching some of these calming live streams to be that.

Nature has it all for you, from otters lazing about in rivers, to bears hunting wild salmon, from totally zen beaches to wonderful worker bees, plus some incredible views of planet earth from space. There are thousands of cameras showing us live streams of goings on around the world (and beyond!).

Not only are they a great way to tackle your wanderlust in a period where we’re not able to travel. Right now, it’s also the ultimate 10 minutes of non-work, non-Covid time your brain needs.

1. Otters go about their daily chill

Watching the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s world famous sea otter cam might be the most relaxing break you’ll take today (they also have feeds of their jellyfish, penguins and sharks).

The otters spend most of their time hanging out floating on their backs, but you can occasionally see them playing together and eating, too. Plus you know they have underarm pockets to keep their favourite rocks in, right?

Some might say it’s otterly wonderful to watch.

2. Bald eagles up close and personal

Explore runs a wide range of live cameras showcasing nature around the world. See both nature and nurture in action with this one – watch this magnificent bald eagle tend to their nest (we spy an egg), all while overlooking the incredible landscape of Santa Cruz in Channel Islands National Park.

An important reminder that nature keeps going, despite everything else.

3. Honey bees working from home

Not much happens on this live bee hive cam – and that’s the best part. It’s oddly peaceful to see so many honey bees so calm when they’re WFH. We wish we had their focus.

4. Bears go fishing

Watch some brown bears (!!) catch salmon as they swim upstream at Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. Not so relaxing for the salmon, but it’s certainly fascinating to watch them at work.

The sound of the water also doubles up as a white noise machine.

5. Reef life goes swimmingly

If you’re the kind of person who finds footage of fish tanks calming, check out this tropical reef exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific – modelled after the coast of Palau, it houses more than 1,000 animals. Combined, the fish’s slow movements and vibrant colours are absolutely mesmerising.

6. All eyes on the Northern Lights

Granted, this web cam stream can be slightly hit and miss – but the promised views are worth the wait. Streaming from Churchill, Canada, keep an eye out for the world’s most magical light show: the aurora borealis.

7. Look down on Earth from space

This NASA stream has been pre-recorded, but it features some incredibly calming footage of the Earth spinning, astronauts going about their business on the International Space Station, as well as ridiculously peaceful music.

8. Head to the beach

Just because we can’t go on holiday right now, doesn’t mean you can’t visualise yourself on this gorgeous beach with a margarita (or virgin equivalent) in your hand.

9. Kittens chasing each other

Not so relaxing (especially when they’re zooming around, chasing each other) but definitely a great distraction from everything else right now.

Watch these tiny floofball kittens chase each other at Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in Los Angeles. We can only dream of having this much energy.

10. Old doggos chilling to the max

On the more calming side of the spectrum, look at these lovely elderly dogs enjoying their retirement at the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary – you can watch them eat their meals, play and snuggle together.

Feeling better? We thought so.