Calvin Harris Addresses Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Kissing Photos

Sorry Calvin, but we're not sure we're buying it.

Calvin Harris has spoken out, after photos emerged of his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, kissing Tom Hiddleston just weeks after their split.

The pictures made the front page of The Sun on Thursday (16 June), showing them enjoying some private moments on a beach in Rhode Island, where - by PURE COINCIDENCE - there just happened to be a photographer nearby.

Fancy that.

Now, Calvin has insisted he holds no hard feelings towards his ex, when cornered in a video published by TMZ.

<strong>Calvin Harris</strong>
Calvin Harris

The Scottish DJ and music producer says in the clip: “It’s all good. She’s doing her thing, she’s doing her thing, dude.”

“All good”, Calv? Really? Because that’s not the impression we got on Wednesday night, when you tweeted (and swiftly - no pun intended - deleted) that “it was about to go down”, shortly before The Sun’s front cover was unveiled.

“All good”, though, yeah?

<strong> Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris</strong>
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
James Devaney via Getty Images

Before beginning his romance with Taylor, Calvin had previously been in a relationship with Rita Ora, who he was with for one year.

Although it’s not known exactly what went down between Calvin and Rita, she later revealed that he’d put the brakes on her performing their collaboration, ‘I Will Never Let You Down’, live at an awards show.

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