Can Men Fake An Orgasm? Survey Finds One In Four Have

'It’s fairly easy if you’re using a condom.'

Countless surveys have revealed that women are more likely to fake orgasms, but that’s not to say men don’t do it too.

More than one in four men have faked an orgasm, according to a new survey by

Experts asked 2,000 people about orgasms and discovered that 27% of men had faked an orgasm, compared to 68% of women.

Among the guys who had faked it in bed: 25% were heterosexual, 34% identified as bisexual and almost half (48%) were gay men.

For those who are currently scratching their chins over the matter of how a man might fake an orgasm (because, well, isn’t it obvious when they’ve crossed the finishing line?!) read on.

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Sex and dating expert and HuffPost UK blogger The Guyliner previously told The Huffington Post UK that faking an orgasm isn’t all that hard.

“It’s fairly easy if you’re using a condom. Even if you don’t know the person you’re having sex with that well, you can usually tell when it’s time for you to begin your performance,” he said.

“As their cheeks start to flush and their movements become more… well, frantic, now’s your big moment. Make all the right noises, get your breathing to that special rhythm and let go.

“In the heat of the moment, nobody’s going to be double-checking the condom. Just remove it, and yourself, and head to the bathroom to get rid of it before anyone starts asking any questions.”

He added that without a condom “it’s trickier”, but there’s usually so much going on that “there isn’t time to stop and assess exactly what’s happened and what hasn’t”.

It’s worth noting that if there is a lack of semen, that’s not to say your partner hasn’t orgasmed, according to sex expert Alix Fox.

“Women shouldn’t assume that their partner is absolutely acting if he says he’s orgasmed without ejaculating, though. It is possible for gents to experience climactic sensations without producing any fluid,” she said.

“‘Dry orgasms can also occur if a man has ejaculated several times in a short period and his body has temporarily run out of seminal fluid stocks.”

The Dr Ed survey revealed some interesting differences between the number of people who faked orgasms in different parts of the world: Americans, for example, were far more likely to fake an orgasm compared to their European counterparts.

When it came down to relationship status, it appeared that things dried up a little in the bedroom department as time went on. Those in a longterm relationship were most likely to pretend to orgasm, with 31% of men and women agreeing they had faked it.

With one-night stands, 28% of men said they’d faked it compared to 20% of women, while in new relationships, 29% of women had faked it compared to 26% of men.

Interestingly, married couples faked their orgasms the least, which experts at Dr Ed believe could be because “a permanent partner is the most likely to satisfy you in bed” or “because once you’re married, there’s no real reason to pretend anymore”.

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