A Cancer Patient Is Live-Tweeting His Experience Of NHS Treatment And It's So Heartwarming

#HelloMyNameIs Richard

The NHS official Twitter account is inviting patients to live-tweet their experiences in a series of weekly takeovers.

First up is Richard Orchard, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is currently undergoing treatment in greater London.

The 40-year-old took over the account on Monday and has been using it to post updates about his treatment, his daily activities and how he feels physically and emotionally.

The account will have a different editor each week, this could be a patient or a member of staff.

Speaking to The Metro, Orchard explained why he decided to take part: “Having cancer can feel quite lonely – so if there is some way of sharing the experience, it can offer some relief.”

The account seems to be a hit with Twitter users with many praised the NHS for amplifying the voice of one of its patients and offering words of support and thanks to Orchard.

“Really appreciate your attitude (and your tweets)! Thanks for doing this,” wrote one user.

“Your courage in sharing this is astounding. Wishing you ALL the best,” wrote another.

We agree.