'Peter Kay's Car Share': Star To Return With Sian Gibson In 4-Parter In 2017

The first series won a BAFTA award for Best Comedy.

Peter Kay will be back in the driving seat for more ‘Car Share’ antics, as the BBC confirms a second series of the BAFTA Award-winning comedy.

Following its triumph with both viewers and critics, Peter Kay is bringing back his character John, together with his work colleague Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) for a four-part series next year.

<strong>Peter Kay and Sian Gibson's chemistry in 'Car Share' helped create a comedy classic</strong>
Peter Kay and Sian Gibson's chemistry in 'Car Share' helped create a comedy classic

The show debuted on BBCiPlayer and drew a record audience for the streaming service, with three million viewers in its first four days. It demonstrated how big laughs can come from the most ordinary of situations - in this case, two colleagues sharing a car on the way to and from work.

Peter Kay says: "What a joy to be working on the second series of Car Share with the wonderful Sian Gibson. The success of the first series has been completely overwhelming."

Sian Gibson adds: “I’m really excited that Car Share is coming back. We had so much fun making the first series and I can’t wait to be Kayleigh Kitson again.”

The first series saw the pair becoming increasingly affectionate companions, with Kayleigh showing signs of jealousy when John embarked on a new romance. The new episodes may answer the fans’ question, will they or won’t they?

Radio Times confirms that the new series will contain four new episodes, following the first series of six.

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