28/06/2018 12:39 BST | Updated 28/06/2018 14:40 BST

Car Outside BBC Sparks Security Alert - And Tragically Hilarious Bomb Robot Response

Even worse than a parking ticket.

An unfortunate BBC employee was apparently taught a valuable lesson in parking on Thursday morning after a bomb disposal robot smashed their car up.

Reports of a suspicious vehicle outside the broadcaster’s building on Thursday morning prompted police to deploy the necessary measures to investigate.

Initially onlookers were unsurprisingly concerned and fearful a controlled explosion would have to be carried out.

But the potentially catastrophic tale soon took a funnier turn - if a rather tragic one for the car owner.

Journalist Chris Hemmings, who watched the events unfold, tweeted that the car apparently belonged to a BBC employee who had parked on a single yellow line but could not be contacted.

Unfortunately their unwillingness to answer the phone resulted in the car’s windows being broken by the dutiful robot.

The owner of the vehicle is yet to be identified and BBC spokesperson refused to confirm or deny whether it did in fact belong to a staff member.

A spokesperson for the Met Police confirmed a bomb disposal robot was inspecting the car but said they weren’t planning to blow it up.