Cara Delevingne Applauded For Challenging Gender Stereotypes With Photo Of Adorable Boy In A Skirt

'A boy wearing a skirt harms no one.'

Cara Delevingne is proving boys look every bit as stylish in skirts as little girls do, with her latest Instagram snap.

The 24-year-old model shared a photo of a young boy, wearing a light-up fairy skirt that matched hers.

“Boys in skirts 😊❤️,” she wrote on the caption on Sunday 11 June.

“This makes me feel so happy,” one person commented. “Boys should not be confined to wearing what society tells them.”

Another wrote: “Love this, a boy wearing a skirt harms no one I never know why people think it does.

“That’s called breaking dumbass gender roles.”

And another commented: “This is teaching kids that gender roles don’t matter and they can do whatever the other gender can do or wear.”

Delevingne also shared another photo of a little girl wearing the same light-up fairy skirt.

We totally want one.

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