Carol Vorderman Confesses James Norton Crush And We're Totally Here For It

We're absolutely shipping Carol and James after these new quotes.

Reading an interview with Carol Vorderman is always a delight, but her latest quotes about how James Norton has captured her heart are truly something else.


Vorders has revealed that she’s a recent ‘Happy Valley’ convert, but it seems that it’s one of the show’s main stars who’s caught her eye more than any of the on-screen drama.

<strong>Carol Vorderman has her eye on James Norton, and we're 100% into it</strong>
Carol Vorderman has her eye on James Norton, and we're 100% into it
Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

Pledging her love for James in her an interview with The Mirror, she confessed he’s managed to change her mind about fancying actors, explaining: I never usually fancy actors. Hugh Grant? Nope. He can't even finish his sentences. And even Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Daniel Craig have never floated my Boaty McBoatface.”

Hold that thought. Boaty. Mc. Boatface. We do love when Vorders gets topical.

And do you know what? Her quotes just get better from there.

<strong> Well. You can hardly blame her, can you?</strong>
Well. You can hardly blame her, can you?
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Look, we’re not being funny, but it’s obviously of crucial importance that Carol and James - or “Norterman”, as we’re officially christening them now - get together immediately, if not sooner.

We want their first dinner date live-streamed on Periscope, we want magazine deals and, more importantly, we want more fabulous quotes about how he floats her Boaty McBoatface.

Unfortunately for Carol, she may need to get in line, as James won himself an army of new fans when the new series of ‘Grantchester’ kicked off earlier this month, and his character’s shirt mysteriously disappeared.

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