Tom Hiddleston Gets Upstaged On The Red Carpet... By Carrie Fisher's Dog, Gary

Gary Fisher truly knows how to get all eyes on him, doesn't he?

When you truly are the man of the hour like Tom Hiddleston, it’s going to take someone really special to eclipse you when you step out onto the red carpet… but to our surprise, one star has finally managed it.

We’re talking about Carrie Fisher’s French bulldog, Gary.

<strong>Gary Fisher attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner (also pictured, two huge film stars)</strong>
Gary Fisher attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner (also pictured, two huge film stars)
Larry Busacca via Getty Images

Yes, you may remember Gary Fisher pretty much owned every single press interview and premiere in the lead-up to the release of the most recent ‘Star Wars’ film, ‘The Force Awakens’.

His star power doesn’t stop there, though, as new photos show him stealing the show on the red carpet at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend, where Carrie and Tom posed together on their way into the strictly A-list event.

And while most rising stars would give anything to get in a photo with someone as established as Tom Hiddleston, Gary wasn’t exactly star-struck as they crossed paths.

Kris Connor via Getty Images

Oh dear.

Carrie was previously accompanied by her adorable dog during her press tour to promote ‘The Force Awakens’, during which time she told ‘Good Morning America’: “This is Gary, and he’s very, very famous on Twitter. He really likes looking at himself - but wouldn’t you, if you looked like that?”

This isn’t the first time that our eyes lit up at the image of Tom sharing a space with an adorable animal, though, as just last week his appearance on ‘The Late, Late Show’ in the US was interrupted by the arrival of some seriously cute baby leopards, a clip we've been watching on repeat ever since.

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