01/08/2017 07:18 BST | Updated 01/08/2017 16:13 BST

Yorkshire Day 2017: 10 Ways To Celebrate

2) Eat your own body weight in Yorkshire puddings.

Happy Yorkshire Day! Yes, it’s come around quicker than a repeat of ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ on Gold. And we’ve got 10 ways you can celebrate, below.

Unless you’re a Yorkshireman/woman yourself, of course. Because as the old saying goes: ‘Tha can allus tell a Yorkshireman, but tha can’t tell ‘im much’. Including how to celebrate Yorkshire Day...

Danny Lawson

1) Go for a walk on Ilkley Moor (NB. Do not wear a hat)

John Giles
Ey up?

There’s a famous folk song about the Yorkshire moor - ’On Ilkla Moor Baht’at, aka the unofficial anthem of Yorkshire, that translates as ‘On Ilkley Moor without a hat’. Sing along here.


2) Eat your own body weight in Yorkshire puddings

Steve Parsons

Because anything and everything goes in them.

3) Have a fight with someone from Lancashire


Why not indulge in the ‘roses rivalry’ dating back to the War of the Roses between the Houses of Lancaster and York in the 15th century. Now more of a sporting rivalry term.

4) Watch repeats of ‘All Creatures Great And Small’


It’s set in the Yorkshire Dales.

5) Drink a pint of Tetley’s, John Smith’s, Sam Smith’s, Timothy Taylor or Theakston. Or preferably all five

PA Archive
Get kaylied

All from Yorkshire.

6) Cycle over some cobbles (extra points if you’re heading to a bakery)

John Giles
Bumpy ride

And dream of Tour de Yorkshire.

7) Take a ferret for a walk

It all started with ferret-legging - the tradition of putting one in your trousers - popular with Yorkshire miners in the 1970s. Now considered cruel, and a dying sport, many people still have pet ferrets and have been spotted taking them for a walk.


8) Eat any form of chocolate made by Terry's, Rowntree's or Thorntons

John Giles
It's not Terry's...

All originally Yorkshire exports.

9) Wear a flat cap

PA Archive
There's nowt more stylish

And look the part.

10) Reenact Monty Python’s ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ sketch

Happy Yorkshire Day! Enjoy!