‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Viewers Turn On Andrew Brandy After He Brands Ann Widdecombe A ‘C***’

'Andrew has let himself down.'

Things got tense on Thursday’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, when Andrew Brady branded Ann Widdecombe a “c***”, after being nominated for eviction by the former MP.

Viewers were left unimpressed by the outburst, which came after Ann made comments about Andrew and Shane J’s closeness while nominating them both for eviction.

Andrew Brady
Andrew Brady
Channel 5

During the face-to-face nominations - which saw the women given the power to nominate, while the men stayed silent - Ann admitted that their play-fighting the night before had left her feeling uncomfortable.

“It is a position that is normally adopted for a sexual purpose,” she told the housemates after nominating Shane, before adding: “Again with deep regret it’s Andrew, who is the second half of the esteemed theatrical performance.”

When the ‘Apprentice’ candidate retorted that he had no idea Ann was watching them, she hit back by stating that she was, adding: “Your mother and your grandmother almost certainly did [see them too].”

When it was all over, a visibly agitated Andrew ranted in the garden.

Referring to Ann, he said: “I’m gonna tell her and I’m gonna tell her straight. She needs to know.

“Where I’m from if you throw around comments like that you wake up in a f**king ambulance. She’s a c***.”

When Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell - who, perhaps surprisingly, took on the role of moral compass - said, “come on, she’s an old lady”, Andrew replied: “Sorry, she’s a c*** who’s an old lady.”

Needless to say, many viewers were not impressed:

After a pep talk from Shane J, Andrew reflected on the whole saga in the diary room.

“I understand her reasons were that Shane and I were performing what she described as a lewd sex act,” he said. “She mentioned that my mum and grandma were watching, insinuating that I should be ashamed.

Ann Widdecombe
Ann Widdecombe
Channel 5

“I think she needs to eat her words. She has shown her true colours and they are not nice colours. Too long have I treated her as if she’s righteous.

“If we agreed with her beliefs we would be going backwards in time. She doesn’t agree in gay marriage, she doesn’t agree with abortion. She’s an evil person in some ways.”

Andrew and Shane are up for eviction alongside Jonny and Dapper Laughs and three of them will leave the house after viewers’ votes are counted tonight (Friday 26 January).

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