Ann Widdecombe

"Out of touch" former Tory MP faces backlash for suggesting households don’t have a “given right” to low food prices.
Comedian Paul Kerensa has astonishingly claimed he was approached to write the comedy.
Despite a historic win for the Conservatives in this year’s election, the night saw a number of wins for equality, including record numbers of female and BAME MPs. There were small victories for LGBT+ MPs too, with gay Labour MP Luke Pollard ousting Ann Widdecombe from her seat, and Labour’s Lloyd Russell becoming the first elected MP to be publicly known to be living with HIV.
"Ann Widdecombe has not only embarrassed herself, but she has embarrassed the nation she represents."
"We will never provide a stage for these vile people."
"Devout Christians should be allowed to have their opinions."
Brexit MEP branded "sick, disgusting and dangerous".
Whether you vote Leave or Remain, if you believe in democracy, only by voting for the Brexit Party can we remind MPs that they are accountable to the people
"Cuddly dancing grandma" or "far-right horrorbag"?