15/01/2017 09:57 GMT

Austin Armacost Pans 'Celebrity Big Brother' Eviction, After Housemates Inadvertently Vote Him Out

'I feel completely robbed... I wasn't voted out by fans or the housemates.'

Austin Armacost has come out swinging against ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, admitting he doesn’t think his shock eviction was fair.

On Friday night (13 January), Austin’s ‘CBB’ housemates unwittingly chose to boot him out of the house, after being asked to cast their votes for who they thought was the least entertaining of their fellow contestants.

His face at the time pretty much said it all, but he’s now taken to Twitter to voice his frustration at being cast out without the public having voted for him.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Austin Armacost

Claiming he was feeling “deflated” about bosses’ decision to evict a contestant in that way, Austin wrote: “Feel completely robbed of my spot in the ‘CBB’ house. Wasn’t voted out by fans or housemates.”

He also retweeted a news story about ‘CBB’ fans’ anger over him being booted out without them being able to have any say, particularly as many had just paid money to save him in the first public vote of the series.

Adding insult to injury, after Austin’s brisk exit interview with ‘CBB’ host Emma Willis, she introduced his Best Bits montage, only to inform him that he wouldn’t be getting one, due to the nature of his eviction.

Just before Austin’s eviction, three new surprise housemates stormed the ‘CBB’ house, with Kim Woodburn, Jessica Cunningham and Chloe Ferry all now sharing the house with the existing ‘All Stars And New Stars’.

See how the housemates react the morning after Austin’s eviction in Sunday’s (15 January) ‘CBB’, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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