Austin Armacost

'I feel completely robbed... I wasn't voted out by fans or the housemates.'
Austin Armacost has come out swinging against ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô, admitting he doesn‚Äôt think his shock eviction was
He didn't even get a Best Bits montage, for crying out loud.
Austin Armacost was not happy at being the second star to be evicted from the ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô house on Friday (13
It’s been brewing since they first stepped foot in the house earlier this week, and Speidi and Austin Armacost have come
Austin Armacost is the latest celebrity rumoured to be heading into the ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô house in January, when the
The ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô voting figures have been unveiled, following the final last night (24 September), and it turns
James Hill has been named the bookies‚Äô favourite to emerge victorious in this summer‚Äôs ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô final. READ