‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Courtney Act Crowned Winner After Scoring Half Of The Votes In Final Against Ann Widdecombe

That was close.

Courtney Act has been crowned the winner of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

The Aussie drag queen - real name Shane Jenek - went head-to-head with former MP Ann Widdecombe in Friday night’s final.

But the 35-year-old was declared the winner after securing 49.43% of the votes against Ann’s 39.5%.

Courtney Act
Courtney Act

After winning the Year of the Woman-themed series, Courtney said: “It’s slightly ironic. I have to say thank you to the eight glorious women in the house.”

When host Emma Willis asked if she knew she was educating people with her conversations about matters such as LGBT rights in the house, Courtney replied: “I was having conversations with people about things that I’m passionate about.

“You forget about the people at home.”

Talk then turned to Courtney and Shane’s bromance with fellow housemate, ‘Apprentice’ star Andrew Brady.

Reunited: Courtney and Andrew Brady
Reunited: Courtney and Andrew Brady

When Emma asked how much of a crush she had on Andrew, Courtney replied: “As much as he wants! I’ll tell you tomorrow morning!... I’m kidding.”

Explaining why she clicked with Andrew, she added: “He’s just so comfortable with everyone and everything.


“Just knowing who he is and feeling comfortable sharing that, I respect that so much.

“I do respect his boundaries and as much as it’s fun to flirt, we did have that understanding.

“I think only the two of us knew what our relationship was. We really knew what it was.

“I just completely revel in the friendship.”

Earlier in the evening, Wayne Sleep, Jess Impiazzi and Shane Lynch had been given their marching orders, having received 0.9, 2.75 and 7.42 per cent of the votes respectively.

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