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Celebrity Big Brother's James Cosmo Finally Explains Exactly What Made Him Want To Sign Up

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Ever since James Cosmo first walked along that runway on his way into the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house last month, there’s been something that’s troubling us.

What the hell is he actually doing there?

This is a man who starred opposite Mel Gibson in ‘Braveheart’, who appeared in 12 episodes of ‘Game Of Thrones’ and who you can currently catch in ‘T2 Trainspotting’, undeniably one of the year’s biggest British films.

Why was he suddenly about to spend four weeks of his life shacked up with Nicola McLean, Calum Best and Jedward?

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James Cosmo

Well, after finishing in fourth place in this year’s final, James spoke candidly with Emma Willis, and admitted that it was the thought of the impending paycheque that first lured him into going in the house.

He explained: “Obviously there are financial [reasons], mainly… but I also wanted to come in and be part of something that very few people experience.

“To be stuck in this room with 18 people to begin with… it was fascinating to see people from all sorts of different aspects of life together and separating!”

Yeah, he was literally in 'Game Of Thrones'

However, despite saying it was “touching” to have been kept in the house for so long by the public, he bluntly added that he “never wanted to see Kim [Woodburn] again”.

Frankly, we feel the complete opposite, and we’re already hoping ‘CBB’ producers are willing to fork out to get her back for this summer’s ‘Legends’ series

James’s right-hand woman Coleen Nolan eventually wound up being crowned the ‘All Stars’ winner, with Jedward behind her in second place.

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