12/01/2017 17:38 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Jedward And Jamie O'Hara Clash Over Brandon Block Exit

'You're the biggest joke I've seen in my life.'

We can’t imagine sharing a living space with Jedward is easy for anyone, so it’s hardly surprising to discover the ‘X Factor’ twins have found themselves in the middle of a blazing row, after Jamie O’Hara grew impatient with their antics.

The two rubbed Jamie up the wrong way, when they attempted to convince fellow housemate Brandon Block not to quit the show.

In scenes from Thursday’s (12 January) highlights show, they accuse the rest of the housemates of not doing enough to try and stop Brandon leaving, which irks Jamie, who sharply tells them it’s up to the former DJ if he wants to walk.

Channel 5
Jedward tell Brandon not to leave

Jamie says: “We’re helping the bloke. He don’t wanna be here. He don’t need you in his face all the time.

“He’s 50! Just shut up and leave him alone!”

Channel 5
Their faces pretty much say it all

John (or possibly Edward, they’re not exactly doing much to distinguish one from the other) told Jamie they were telling him “real stuff”, to which the footballer spat back: “Real stuff? What’s real about you?

“You’re the biggest joke act I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m sick of your noise all the time. You’re just fucking noise.”

Channel 5
Jamie loses his cool

We do love a row where everyone is clad in nightgowns and clutching teddy bears.

One of the twins admitted he found Jamie’s comment “hurtful”, while the other tried to offer some assurance, insisting: “I still see [the good] in Jamie… I wouldn’t… he’s just sad his mate’s leaving.”

Channel 5
John and/or Edward seemed genuinely upset in the aftermath of the row

Eventually, Brandon did decide to leave, telling Big Brother in the diary room: “It’s an unbelievable experience. I just wasn’t happy, that was all. [‘Celebrity Big Brother’] is an incredible thing to do.”

See the aftermath of the row in Thursday’s ‘CBB’, kicking off at 9pm on Channel 5.

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