'Celebrity Big Brother': Lewis Bloor Given Formal Warning After Heavy D Row

He's been reprimanded for his 'unacceptable behaviour'.

Lewis Bloor has been issued with a formal warning from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ bosses, following a bust-up with fellow housemate Heavy D.

In Tuesday’s (16 August) episode, things come to a head between the two of them, when Heavy D interrupts a private conversation between Lewis and Marnie Simpson.

When Heavy D suggests that Lewis is “all about me… me, me me”, the two quickly get into a row in the kitchen, which culminates in the former ‘TOWIE’ cast member throwing a glass of water over his fellow contestant.

<strong>Lewis Bloor and Heavy D</strong>
Lewis Bloor and Heavy D

Big Brother swiftly intervenes, calling Lewis to the Diary Room to both calm him down and reprimand him for his “unacceptable” behaviour.

Later in the evening, Lewis is called back to speak to Big Brother, where he is issued with a formal warning.

So far this series, a multitude of housemates have been given formal warnings for their conduct in the house, beginning with Aubrey O’Day, who was blasted for spitting in Stephen Bear’s sandwich.

Bear himself has also been given a formal telling off, when he kicked off in the garden and smashed a mirror by throwing a glass at it.

Christopher Biggins, meanwhile, was fully removed from the house, following several remarks which producers deemed had the potential to “cause widespread offence”.

See how things play out between Heavy D and Lewis in Tuesday’s ‘CBB’, kicking off at 9pm on Channel 5, which will also see another contestant getting the chop in the fourth live eviction of the series.


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