Lewis Bloor

There is only a week of the series left.
Lewis Bloor and James Whale have become the latest stars to be evicted from ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô, following the first
Five contestants face the axe, ahead of the first double elimination of the series.
Things aren‚Äôt looking good for ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô housemates Lewis Bloor and James Whale, named the bookies‚Äô two names
James Whale is not popular with his housemates.
Five ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô housemates are facing eviction this week, following the latest round of face-to-face nominations
But he still isn't the lowest paid housemate...
Lewis Bloor may have led his ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô housemates to believe he was picking up a massive pay cheque for taking
He's been reprimanded for his 'unacceptable behaviour'.
Lewis Bloor has been issued with a formal warning from ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô bosses, following a bust-up with fellow housemate
The latest episode saw Chloe Khan perform a topless pole dance.
Many of the ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô housemates have threatened to go on strike, having become increasingly frustrated by
‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô bosses could have a mutiny on their hands, as almost all of the housemates are teaming up and threatening
What *really* went on in that loo?
’Celebrity Big Brother’ couples Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan, and Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson have set the record straight
Marnie later gushed about the encounter in the Diary Room, telling Big Brother: “I just had the most romantic shower in my
But who will leave the house on Tuesday?
Four housemates are facing eviction from the ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô house, following the latest round of nominations. Saira