'Celebrity Big Brother' 2018: 7 Line-Up Rumours That Have Got Us Excited For The New Series

We can't wait.

With just weeks to go until the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house opens its doors, there’s plenty of talk about who has signed up for the next series.

Naturally, there’s no shortage of seasoned reality TV pros and ex-soap stars on the alleged shortlist, but the usual suspects are all joined by some seriously exciting additions this time around.

Here are seven of the rumours that have us seriously intrigued by the new series...

Jonathan Van Ness

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Who? WHO? Jonathan Van Ness, that’s who. JVN is one of the Fab 5 from Netflix’s ’Queer Eye’ reboot (if you haven’t seen it, watch it right now).

What would he bring to the table? So. Much. He could teach some DIY beauty product lessons, do haircuts, shout “Can you believe??” at least 28 times a day and generally ensure good vibes are there to stay.

How likely is it? Now. This is the big question. Jonathan does have a seemingly free schedule right now, as filming on ‘Queer Eye’ is finished, but could ‘CBB’ really land such a huge star? We’d love it to happen but we’re not convinced.

Samantha Markle


Who? Meghan Markle’s half-sister, who hasn’t exactly been shy when it comes to talking about her royal sibling in the press.

What would she bring to the table? When Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, the now-Duchess’s sibling didn’t waste any time in booking TV appearances and, quite frankly, spouting off at any opportunity. If she does go into the house, viewers can expect plenty of talk about Meghan - which could cause upset over at Kensington Palace.

Judging by the way she’s riled various TV hosts in recent months, we reckon Samantha could also rub a few housemates up the wrong way too, especially if they’re fans of the Royals.

How likely is it? Very. Samantha has as good as confirmed that she’s be doing the show and during a mid-July TV appearance, she defended her right to do so. “Life is about cashing in, you… take opportunities as they arise and hopefully you enjoy the ride,” she said.

Paris Lees

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Who? Transgender activist Paris is well-known for her journalism and is no stranger to TV, thanks to appearances on shows including ‘Question Time’ and ‘The Wright Stuff’.

What would she bring to the table? Paris is a great advocate for the LGBT+ community online and has built up a following on social media thanks to her straight-talking and activism. In the house, she could be a much-needed voice of reason during the inevitable debates about social issues and current affairs.

How likely is it? In recent years, ‘CBB’ bosses have sought out housemates who are newer to the celebrity TV world but familiar with current affairs, so Paris would definitely fit the bill. She’s a big fan of the show, having appeared on ‘Bit On The Side’ and is yet to comment on the rumours too, which we’re seeing as big a sign she may well have signed up.

Stormy Daniels

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Who? Former adult film star Stormy became a household name in the US when she claimed to have previously had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006. She said she was later forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement and in March 2018, filed a lawsuit claiming it was actually invalid, giving her first TV interview after the alleged affair on CBS’ ‘60 Minutes’.

What would she bring to the table? See above. Numerous outlets have pointed out that the Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump scandal could actually have a huge impact on his position in the White House and the States’ upcoming midterm elections.

With all this in mind, she’s easily the most interesting and globally-relevant person rumoured to have signed up and we would love to see her spilling the beans in the house (as would the producers, we expect).

How likely is it? If bosses are going to stump up huge amounts of cash for anyone, it’ll probably be Stormy. Previous reports claimed their cash offer falls short of her required paycheck, but given the attention her arrival would bring, we reckon Channel 5 could surely raid the piggy bank. Watch this space.


Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Who? Simon Cowell’s right-hand woman, who occasionally takes breaks from criticising his ‘X Factor’-related decisions to perform ‘So Macho’ at events and make various other television appearances.

What would she bring to the table? The most fabulous outfits and all the best lines. Sinitta has spilled many iconic - and totally shocking - anecdotes over the years and if she is heading into the house, we bet she’s already plotting what to reveal on which days.

How likely is it? Sinitta is linked for ‘CBB’ pretty much every single year and ahead of the 2017 series, she was ready for them and armed with a list of demands.

“I want my puppy to visit me,” she said. “I want a swearing ban, because I don’t swear and people shouldn’t be allowed to swear at me or around me.

“I asked for a bodyguard who would stand with me at all times, especially when I’m asleep. If they provide alcohol then I want tequila because it’s all I drink. Quite reasonable, really.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether bosses have relented this year.

Brendan Cole

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Who? A former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ professional who is no stranger to other reality TV shows, having also popped up on ‘Celebrity Love Island’ and ‘Just The Two Of Us’ back in the mid-noughties.

What would he bring to the table? ‘Strictly’ goss. Brendan appeared in all 15 series of ‘Strictly’, before being ditched by bosses shortly after the 2017 one finished, and we are very much ready for him to spill the beans on what life on the show is really like.

How likely is it? In March he did declare, “I would never say never to anything – except ‘Big Brother’”, but we’re still not ruling him out. Plenty of celebs have changed their minds on things in the past and no offence intended, but we wouldn’t put it past Brendan to do so.

Sally Morgan

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Who? Sally’s website describes her as “Britain’s Best Loved Psychic Medium”, though we’re not too sure how one goes about verifying that claim.

What would she bring to the table? Psychic readings, hopefully. Sally apparently used to do readings for Princess Diana and sensationally claims to have predicted the royal’s death a year before it happened. We’re suitably skeptical and curious to see if Sally could demonstrate her abilities in the house.

How likely is it? Sally is yet to comment on the rumours, but some recent digging by the Sun revealed that the psychic was recently hit by a pretty hefty tax bill from HMRC. Why is this important? Numerous celebs have signed up for the show after finding themselves in need a little cash and it’s certainly possible Sally might do the same.

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